Today’s Feature: Keystone Wood Products Association

Join Keystone Wood Products Association to learn about the important role of forest products in everyday life.

The Keystone Wood Products Association (KWPA) strives to strengthen and expand the base of lumber and wood products manufacturers in the Central Pennsylvania region in order to maintain and enhance the industry’s competitive position in today’s global economy. As a Hardwood Utilization Group (HUG), KWPA works closely with the Pennsylvania Hardwood Development Council (HDC), the Pennsylvania Forest Products Association (PFPA) and its sister HUGS—Allegheny Hardwood Utilization Group (AHUG) and Northern Tier Hardwood Association (NTHA) to support the industry via, education, workforce development, and promotion.

Learn more about Keystone Wood Products Association online.

Information about Bloomsburg’s Maker Faire:

This year’s Maker Faire will be held on Saturday, April 20th, from 10 am-4 pm. Admission to this all-day event is free! There will be a large variety of Making activities, workshops, presentations, performances, crafters, the Museum’s 50+ exhibits, and the Bloomsburg YMCA’s Healthy Kids Day.
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