Today’s Feature: Nerf Blaster Mod Demonstration

“As a Nerf blaster enthusiast, I would like to demonstrate the differences between a standard and modified blaster, so that the visitors can experience the results of projectile speed by hitting a target with visual sound effects.”

The participant with hands-on, under supervision, will shoot projectiles at a target from the UN-modified blaster to establish a speed baseline, then hands-on, shoot projectiles from the modified blaster to experience speed difference. The participant will observe and learn basic STEM concepts of Electronics, programming, designing, developing, and calculating velocity from the activity.

Information about Bloomsburg’s Maker Faire:

This year’s Maker Faire will be held Saturday, April 22nd, from 10 am-4 pm. Admission to this all-day event is free! There will be a large variety of Making activities, workshops, presentations, performances, crafters, and the Museum’s 50+ exhibits.
Interested in becoming a Maker this year? Click here