In the months leading up to the 2022 Bloomsburg Mini Maker Faire, we will be featuring the Makers that will be appearing at the Faire!

Today’s Feature: Sunshine Frankie

New this year is Sunshine Frankie! Sunshine Frankie was established in 2019 in the US chocolate town of Hershey, Pennsylvania, by a summer luvin’ bird, Daffiny. With her love for accessories and fashion and her creative flair, she decided to put together a creative summer accessories brand.

“I loved the idea of silk scarves because of the fun, colorful designs possible, the fact that there are so many different ways to wear and style them, it just gives an essence of pure luxury! With that, I decided to create a silk line with a difference; fun, colorful, bright designs at a more respectable price than what is perhaps thought of when thinking of silk.”

We can not wait to stop by this booth! Learn more online here.

Information about Bloomsburg’s Maker Faire:

This year’s Maker Faire will be held Saturday, April 23rd, from 10 am-4 pm. Admission to this all-day event is free! There will be a large variety of Making activities, workshops, presentations, performances, crafters, the Museum’s 50+ exhibits, and the Bloomsburg YMCA’s Healthy Kids Day.
Interested in becoming a Maker this year? Click here