Meet the 2019 Makers! Fantastic Toy Art – Ellen McHenry’s Basement Workshop- mummy exhibit, and others

In the weeks leading up to the 2019 Bloomsburg Mini Maker Faire, we will be profiling the Makers that are appearing at the Faire!

Ellen McHenry's Basement Workshop- mummy exhibit, and others

Life-size replica of famous mummy from Bolton Museum, UK. Learn how forensic scientists solved the mystery of the identity of this mummy.

This year’s Bloomsburg Mini Maker Faire will be held on Saturday, May 4th from 10am-4pm on the grounds of the Children’s Museum right in the heart of Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania.

Admission to this all-day event is FREE. There will be a large variety of Making activities, workshops, presentations, performances, crafters and the Museum’s 50+ exhibits.

To apply to be a Maker at the Bloomsburg Mini Maker Faire, click on the “Call for Makers” button in the top right corner.